SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

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SAP SD – Organization Structure:

✅ Define Company

✅ Edit, Copy, Delete & Check Company Code

✅ Define New Company by Copying existing Company Code

✅ Creating Sales Organization

✅ Define Distribution Channels

✅ Define Division

✅ Define Shipping Point

✅ Define Business Area

✅ Creating Sales Area

✅ Maintain Sales Office

✅ Define Plant

✅ Maintain Storage Location

✅ Maintain Sales Group

✅ Define Sale Districts

✅ Define Region

Assigning Organizational Units:

Assign Company Code to Company

✅ Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

✅ Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization

✅ Assign Division to Sales Organization

✅ Assign Sales Office to Sales Area

✅ Assign Sales Group to Sales Office

✅ Assign Plant to Company Code

✅ Assign Sales Organization/Distribution Channel

✅ Assign Shipping Point to Plant 

Pricing Configuration:

✅ Define Condition Tables

✅ Define Condition Types

✅ Define Access Sequence


✅ Define Sales Document Types in SAP SD

✅ Define Number Range for Sales Document Type

✅ Define Item Category

✅ Assign Item Category

✅ Define Billing Types

Customer Master Data:

✅ Create Customer Account Group

✅ Create Number Range for Customer Account

✅ Assign Number Range to Customer Account Group

✅ Define Tolerance Group for Customer

✅ Partner Determination Procedure

✅ Customer Payment Terms

✅ Create Customer Master Record