Edit Copy & Delete Company Code in SAP

Edit Copy & Delete Company Code in SAP


SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

SAP MM – Material Management

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Path:: SPRO=>IMG=>EnterpriseStructure=>Definition=>financialAccounting=>Edit,copy Delete Check company code.

Or Use T-code: OX02

Step 1: Enter Transaction Code SPRO in the command field and press Enter.

Step 2: Execute “Edit, Copy, Delete, check company code” icon.

Step 3: After that, You will get two options on the next screen.

Here we can create company code by selecting two options.
First option by selecting “Copy, Delete, Check Company Code” all the configuration and table are copied automatically with the assignment.
Second option, here we are creating company code manually configure all the assignment by selecting “Editing Company Code Data”.


Step 4: Here, We are selecting the second option – Edit Company Code Data” and click on “New Entries” and update the following details.

Click on the address and update the following fields.

Step 5: After updating address details, click on the save button. Now select TR & Save it.