GTS Full Form

GTS Full Form

GTS Full Form :

GTS Full Form in India : The Full Form of GTS is Global Telecommunication System. Apart from this, there are various meanings of GTS as mentioned below.

Global Technology Services

Global Transaction Services

Global Trading System

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IBM GTS Full Form : IBM is a giant IT (information Technology ) Company. It is a New York of Unites State based company.

It is an old IT company which was started in 1990 around 30 years back.

IBM has two divisions first is IBM GBS – It is called IBM Global Business Services (GBS).

and second division of IBM is GTS – It is called IBM Global Technology Services (GTS).

GTS Full Form in Hindi : The meaning of GTS in Hindi is as mentioned below.           

वैश्विक प्रौद्योगिकी सेवाएं                   

वैश्विक दूरसंचार प्रणाली                                

वैश्विक लेनदेन सेवाएं                  

वैश्विक व्यापार प्रणाली

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GTS Full Form in Civil Engineering : It (G.T.S.) stands for Great Trigonometrical Survey. GTS benchmark is a permanently fixed reference survey station or point. This is known elevation with respect to a standard datum sea level.

This is established all over India by the Survey of India department with greater precision.

SAP GTS Full Form : GTS full form in SAP is Global Trade Services (GTS), Which helps you to automate your international trade processes. And it

manages your partners and compliance-related documents and ensures that your company monitors and complies with the ongoing revisions and amendments to international legal requirements.

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