How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th

How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th

A Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/ Flying Steward) career is a Great Revolutionary Career in Modern Times, which not only brings huge scope to one’s life.. but also is one of the Highest Paying Job in the World. If you are thinking how to become air hostess after the 12th pass, so this article is also for you.

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Why choose to become an Air Hostess

For earning a livelihood, one has to travel and work beyond the physical boundaries of his comfort zone.

To travel these days the best class travel is considered to be the Air travel, as it’s the fastest way to transit from one place to another till date.

Apart from being the most expensive, air travel also offers a career with the best in industry salaries and perks.

Among the major air-travelers jobs the first thought that came to our minds is about an Air-hostess, who is not only having a high degree of tidiness but also carries an attitude to help almost all the people in-flight.

Thus, the same is what it means to be, as the work she does. So, an air hostess meaning in English is a woman who looks after the passengers on a plane.

Albeit, air hostess meaning in Hindi is: विमान परिचारिका, some of you might find it difficult to understand its meaning in Hindi as it’s not in common terminology as we speak.

Whilst, the meaning is the same in both English and Hindi it is to help out all the passengers during the flight.

So how to become an Indian air hostess or international air hostess and what are the things needed for applying for its training? Or if you’re unsure and have several questions in your mind roaming around about How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th:

  • Emirates Air Hostess or
  • Vistara Air Hostess or
  • Air India Air Hostess or
  • Spicejet Air Hostess or
  • Indigo Airlines Air Hostess or
  • British Airways Air Hostess or
  • Frankfinn Air Hostess or
  • Air Hostess India Cadre

then, you’re at the right place to complete your quest and get all the answers.

One-by-one we would sequentially walk through delving into every specific detail of the process of becoming an Air-Hostess.

Our walk-through shall be loaded with all the necessary details about Indian airlines to guide you.

Well, take it from us, from a general perspective anyone could become an Air Hostess in India and abroad.

Difference between cabin crew and air hostess:

Now comes a big question, what is the difference between cabin crew and air hostess?

Well, frankly speaking, there is no difference! Between a cabin crew or air hostess.

They both are the same job referred by two different names, that it!

In the long run, whether it is a Cabin Crew or an Air Hostess whatever you say, your duties are still the same on the plane, attending to all the passengers and ensuring safety.

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How to Become an Air Hostess

How to apply for air hostess training, is the first question on every candidate’s mind after knowing about Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Flying Steward) work profile or traveling on a flight.

After knowing a little bit more, the second question that comes to their minds is air hostess eligibility, the third may be air hostess requirements, the fourth could be the air hostess qualifications and this can continue… so, answers to all these are covered below:

There are 3 major career paths for aspirants to walk on, for becoming an Air-Hostess:

  1. Firstly, after completing your 12th/ Higher Secondary Education or equivalent exam. When there is a direct job advertisement from any airline, you can apply directly for the respective training from that airline.
  2. If you missed the first option then also don’t lose hope, you can still apply for Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Flying Steward) Training course from any reputed/accredited institute nationwide after the 12th Higher Secondary Education or equivalent exam. Eventually, if you want to do a more detailed course, then you can opt for a:
    • Diploma in Aviation Management,
    • In-flight Services Management/Hospitality Management/Airline Management
    • Diploma in Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Flying Steward) Training.
  3. If you are not interested in joining just after your 12th/ Higher Secondary Education then you can pursue your graduate studies in Aviation or a related stream as well. Then after completing your graduation in aviation or related subject/stream, apply for Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Flying Steward) Training. Notably, just remember that those who are still under 21 years of their age may stand better chances to land a job as a Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Flying Steward).

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What Qualifications Do You Need to Become an Air Hostess? (air hostess qualification)

Depending on what educational level you’re opting for this career, you’ve to undergo training at different levels as per your current qualifications:

  1. From a broad perspective, people who are looking to join this career path are mostly joining respective training after completing their 10+2 (senior secondary) or equivalent qualification from any approved institution across the country.
  2. Notably, if you’re looking after completing your high school/ secondary (10th) then you’ve to go for a General Educational Development Test (GED) first to prove your eligibility for pursuing this training.
  3. If you’re looking after completing your senior secondary (10+2) or any equivalent examination of the same level then you must check that your institution is an accredited institution.
  4. Initially try to be comfortable with some basic computer skills, as it can be very handy for you in future.
  5. Most Importantly, try to have a good command of your speaking and written English Language. With this, if you can gain knowledge of any other international language, it will serve as a cherry on top.
  6. A minimum of 3-6 weeks of formal training should be completed by all the aspiring candidates at the base location of any airline.
  7. After completion of the formal training program, you can get a certification and license from authorized bodies like DGCA (India) or FAA (USA).

How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th?

So let’s talk about how to become an air hostess after 12. Firstly, after your 12th you are eligible to apply directly to any of the aviation training institutes below:

  1. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  2. Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation, Mumbai
  3. Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai
  4. Jet Airways Training Academy
  5. Indigo Training Centre
  6. Air Hostess Academy (AHA) Bangalore
  7. Air Hostess Academy (AHA) Delhi
  8. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics (IGIA), Nagpur
  9. Institute for Personality Etiquette and Grooming (IPEG)
  10. Center for Civil Aviation Training, CCAT
  11. Pacific Airways
  12. Aptima Air Hostess Academy
  13. Livewel Academy
  14. PTC- Aviation Academy
  15. Universal Aviation Academy (UAA)
  16. Cabin Crew Training Institute
  17. Panache Air-Hostess Academy Indore
  18. Flying Queen – Air Hostess Training Institute in Pitampura, Delhi
  19. Airborne Air Hostess Academy
  20. Panache Air-Hostess Academy Nikol, Gujarat
  21. Panache Air-Hostess Academy Ahmedabad
  22. PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai
  23. GMS Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  24. IGIA- Air hostess training Institute, Chandigarh
  25. Avlon Aviation Academy, Dehradun
  26. SKYBIRD AVIATION, Hyderabad
  27. Inspire Academy, Mumbai
  28. PTC Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  29. AKSA International Air Hostess Training Institute Indore
  30. Applied Professional Training (APT) – Air Hostess Training Institute, Kolkata

However, Air-Hostess Training Academies usually require the candidate to first clear a written test followed by an interview or GD+Interview (also known as air hostess interview) for final selection.

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How to Become an Air Hostess After 10th

These days the most common question from candidates interested in pursuing Cabin-Crew as a career is if they’ll be able to apply for Air-Hostess training after their 10th or not.

So, to answer it simply is a big NO!

The minimum educational eligibility criteria for Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward) is 12th (Sr. Secondary) in any stream (with English as one main subject) or any equivalent exam accredited by the government.

Although, graduates and diploma candidates from hospitality, travel and tourism management, aviation, and aviation management streams are usually preferred by airlines at both national and international levels.

Physical and Medical Requirements

Apart from education, Airlines also has some physical and medical criterion:

  1. The candidate’s age must fall within the bracket of 18 years to 21 years, as the air hostess age limit is 21 years only for general scenarios.
  2. The height of the candidate must be above 5’ (females) – 5’2” (males).
  3. The candidate’s weight must be in proportion with his/her height.
  4. The candidate must not have any mental illness.
  5. The candidate should not have any visible marks/tattoos/piercings etc.
  6. When going through a vision test, the candidate’s far and near vision must fall under 20/40 with glasses/contact lenses.
  7. A must needed requirement is the hearing test, the candidate must have an audiometry
  8. At no loss on in better ear greater than 40 dB and
  9. When at losses, 500/100/2000 are averaged.
  10. The candidate must pass both the
  11. DOT fingerprinting and
  12. Drug Screening Tests.
  13. The candidate should be able to lift emergency exit windows and open emergency doors.

The candidate should be able to carry meal carts or beverages.

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Skills Required

Working under severe pressure with a good output is a skill in demand, required by every airline.

As an integral part of the company serving its customers either at a desk or onboard, requires a specific skill-set needed.

Skill-set is required in a variety of tasks as detailed under:

  1. One must have good control over his communication with some nice interpersonal communication skills.
  2. One should be a good team player and have organized and detail-oriented work skills.
  3. One should know how to behave empathetically with adults, children, elders, and sick persons and the same time.
  4. One should have good control over his temper and must be adept at handling problematic people.
  5. One should remain as calm and composed in his/her demeanor and others (passengers) should learn from his or behavior during situations of emergencies like air turbulence, bad weather, etc.
  6. One should be ready to face any stressful situations during journeys and under situations of emergency must ensure that every passenger is following the safety procedures properly.
  7. One must possess good problem-solving skills.
  8. One must be ready to work with people/groups from different cultures.
  9. One must never lose his/her professionalism.
  10. One must be ready to face and handle any erratic schedules like longer shifts (than usual), hefty tasks, new temporary job roles,s, etc.
  11. One must adapt himself/herself to working in fast-paced environments.
  12. One must adapt himself/herself to working in tight-spaced environments.
  13. One must be a quick thinker and have a good memory.

Nevertheless, these are some of the standard skills required for better performance at this job. It depends on the airlines, and what criteria they set for hiring respective candidates.

Selection Process

Enough talks about what & how requirements. Now let’s dive into something known as the process of selection. Below are the steps of the selection process including the required qualifications for becoming a Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/Flying Steward):

  1. First of all, you’ve to complete your Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/Flying Steward) training from a recognized institute/academy.
  2. Secondly, you can now look for which airlines you’re interested to work with and look for respective destinations.
  3. Now after finalizing the airline, you should visit its website (including the career page) and have a better understanding of them. Also, read the information on the recruitment process and minimum eligibility criteria.
  4. After this, have a look at your passport’s expiry. You should have at least 12 months of validity.
  5. Now, check out if you have any kind of visa restrictions for any country around the globe.
  6. Airlines usually prefer to hire those candidates, who are having 1-2 years of experience in Customer care or front-office type direct customer handling jobs.
  7. Keep a list of airlines you’ve shortlisted and read their application process including the websites or office addresses handy.
  8. Try to prepare for your air hostess interview and GD in advance so that when the hiring process starts, you’ll be ready to give in your best shot.
  9. Keep in mind that after getting shortlisted, you’ve to travel to the venue for the further selection process.
  10. However, be mentally ready to face a drug test and a background test afterward.
  11. Finally, after getting the interview process cleared is your entry ticket to your chosen institute for training.

Air Hostess Training Courses

If you’re looking for some best Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward) training institutes to pursue (air hostess course), you’re at the right place.

Below are some of the recommended ones, which covers air hostess course in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and other parts of the country.

But we can broadly divide them into 3 types viz:

1. Diploma Courses in Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward) (1 year)

Those candidates, who are currently interested in pursuing 6-1 year of Diploma courses in Aviation and related streams, can look forward to the below table of Diploma courses:

Name of the Program Type of Program Duration
Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training Diploma Program 6 months to 1 year
Air Hostess Diploma Diploma Program 1 year
Air Cargo Practices & Documentation Diploma Program 1 year
Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service Diploma Program 1 year
Professional Ground Staff Services Diploma Program 1 year
Airport Ground Staff Training with On-job Training Diploma Program 7 months
PG Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services Postgraduate Diploma Program 3 months
PG Diploma in Airport Ground Services Postgraduate Diploma Program 1 year
PG Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service Postgraduate Diploma Program 3 months
Diploma in Air Hostess Training Diploma Program 3/6/12 months
Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management Diploma Program 1 year
Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management Diploma Program 1 year
Diploma in Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant Training Diploma Program 1 year
Advanced Diploma in Airport & Airline Management Diploma Program 1 year
Advanced Diploma in Air Travel Management Diploma Program 1 year
Advanced Diploma in Cabin Crew & Airline Management-Air Hostess Diploma Program 1 year
Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew and Hospitality Diploma Program 1 year
Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training Diploma Program 1 year
Diploma in Airlines and Travel Management Diploma Program 1 year
Diploma in Airport Management & Customer Care Diploma Program 1 year
Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew Services Diploma Program 1 year

2. Certificate Courses in Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward) (3/6/12 months)

Those candidates, who are currently interested in pursuing less than a year of Certificate courses in Aviation and related streams, can look forward to the below table of Certificate courses:

Name of the Program Type of Program Duration
Air Hostess/Flight Purser Certificate Program 8 months
International Airlines and Travel Management Certificate Program 4 to 6 months
Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management Certificate Program 10 months
Air Ticketing & Tourism Certificate Program 6 months
Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety Certificate Program 5 days
Air Hostess Management Certificate Program 6-10 months
Air Hostess Training Certificate Program 6-10 months
Airlines Hospitality Certificate Program 6-10 months
Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant Certificate Program 6-10 months
Aviation Customer Service (certification) Certificate Program 6-10 months
Airlines Hospitality (certification) Certificate Program 6-10 months
Hospitality and Air travel Management (certification) Certificate Program 6-10 months
Airline Passenger Service (certification) Certificate Program 6-10 months
Airport Ground Management Certificate Program 6 months to 1 year

3. Degree Programs in Aviation Technology/Management (2-3 years)

Lastly, if you’re on a long run for Aviation Studies and want to deep dive into Aviation Technology, below list of Graduation Courses might suite your requirements:

Name of the Program Type of Program Duration
B.Sc. in Aviation Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
BBA in Airport Management and Cabin Crew Training Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
BBA in Travel & Tourism Management Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
BBA in Hospitality & Travel Management Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
Degree in International Airline & Travel Management Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
BBA in Aviation Management Undergraduate Degree 2-3 years
MBA in Aviation  Postgraduate Degree 2 years
MBA in Aviation Management Postgraduate Degree 2 years

Fees for Air Hostess Training Course

As we have seen previously Air hostess training can be done on three different levels, certificate courses, diploma courses, and degree courses.

Now comes the question about the air hostess course fees to complete the respective course.

Well, the air hostess training fees lie somewhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1,50,000 though it depends thoroughly on the course and the institute opted.

But for becoming an air hostess, one has to work hard toward final selection in an airline.

Some airlines also give free training with a stipend, which makes the course quite economical for candidates with a low budget.

Top Institutes for taking Air Hostess Training

Below is the list of top 5 colleges that offer air hostess training in India and apart from this also manifest training on

  • on-ground services,
  • air hostess training services,
  • aviation cargo handling services,
  • hospitality and customer services.

These training institutes are named as under with their respective fees, among them, the top one frankfinn institute of air hostess training fees is also mentioned:

Sr. No. Name of the college Program Fee (in Rs)
1 Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi 1.50 lakh
2 Panache Academy, Gujarat 70 k
3 Universal aviation academy, Chennai 1 lakh
4 Jet Airways training academy, Mumbai 1.45 lakh
5 The Bombay Flying Club’s College of Aviation, Mumbai 1.50 lakh

Salary of an Air Hostess (Air hostess salary in India)

This is the most widely asked question from aspiring candidates for becoming air hostesses, what is the salary of an air hostess in India?

So, what is the salary of an air hostess in general, and what must be air hostess salary India specifically in different airlines like:

  • Emirates air hostess salary or
  • Etihad air hostess salary or
  • Air asia air hostess salary or
  • Fly dubai air hostess salary or
  • Lufthansa air hostess salary or
  • Oman air air hostess salary or
  • Qatar airways air hostess salary or
  • Swiss air air hostess salary or
  • British airways air hostess salary or may be
  • An international air hostess salary

In most cases the salaries and perks of a Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward) depend on the Airline, they are working with. But if you take an average of all then it must lie in between:

  1. 25k INR to 40K INR per month for 1-2 years Experienced and
  2. 50k INR to 75K INR per month for 5 or more years Experienced candidates.

Note: These salaries are merely indicative for Domestic flights, there may be an increase of 70-80% for those candidates who are flying international flights.

Apart from these different airlines pay according to their pay bands and these salary figures may rise up to 2-3 lacs per month for top-level airline companies.

e.g.: the average indigo air hostess salary will be around 50k for domestic and 1 lakh or more for international journeys.

This changes drastically for international carriers, but on average air hostess salary per month is ₹1,00,000 per month. The salary of air hostess on international routes might be starting at around ₹85,000 per month and can exceed up to ₹3,00,000 per month.


Dedication and honesty are two main factors of success for any employee in a company and so as it is for a Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward).

In this profile are not only entitled to visible perks but also to some of the perks that are visible only to the person doing this job. Let’s have a glimpse over them:

  1. Firstly, you not only have the opportunity to interact with people of different communities but also can explore different places around the globe without any extra charges on your head.
  2. With this, you can no-even have industry-specific contact with people from different countries and vivid communities, but also gain knowledge about different cultures to learn from.
  3. From the airline’s side, for every employee, there is a specific discount for air travel (once or twice a year) to any part of the world while traveling with the same airline. This includes the discount for your family members as well so you can have a nice family vacation with your loved ones.
  4. Every airline provides free medical benefits for its employees.
  5. Every airline provides free insurance to its employees.
  6. Last but not the least, some of the major benefits for a Cabin-Crew (Air-Hostess/ Flying Steward) might include:
    • Good salary pays in industry
    • Meal allowances
    • Free Hotel Stay during flight layovers
    • Free transportation for work
    • Compulsory gratuity entitlement
    • Benefits after getting retired from the same airlines (after minimum years of working).
  1. Some airlines also provide 13-17 days off in a month.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

1. Endurance

  • You should ensure the safety of every passenger yourself during the flight.
  • You should seek personally that every passenger is comfortable while in flight.
  • Keen to complete every request of customers like food, beverages, etc.
  • Should be able to take care of problems of passengers.

2. Issues related to the security of the flight and the passengers

  • You should review each and every safety procedure for passengers’ safety yourself.
  • You should check personally all the safety procedures prior to the flight’s take-off.

3. Passengers’ well-being

  • Every passenger’s well-being is important, so you should see that they are comfortable.
  • Should be able to take care of sick passengers by providing them with proper medicines.

4. Decompression

  • While the decompression stage is ongoing you should make sure that every passenger is following proper security measures.
  • Check the seat belts of every passenger and make sure they are wearing them until the seat belt sign is ON.

5. Evacuation of the Aircraft in a state of emergency

  • During a state of emergency evacuation should assist the passengers toward exit doors properly.
  • If a passenger at the emergency door is unable to pull it up, then you should be ready to pull it yourself to let passengers exit from the aircraft.

6. Situations in which aircraft land in water or there’s a fire in the engines or any part of the aircraft.

  • During the state of an emergency landing in water, one should make sure that every passenger is wearing his safety jacket.
  • After exiting the aircraft, one should make sure that every passenger knows how to fill his jacket and raise the alarm whistle if needed any assistance.
  • In case of fire among any of the aircraft’s engines, one should make sure to calm himself/ herself first and make sure to calm down other passengers under a composed procedure explanation.

7. Medical Requirements.

  • During the state, of any medical emergency any passenger during the flight, should not hesitate to give first aid to the passenger himself/herself.

Air Hostess Dress Code

Air hostess dress or uniform could be anything from formal dress to casual dress, depending on the relevant airline.

Normally, an Air hostess dress or uniform attire is completed by wearing just some basic articles of clothing like jackets, pants or skirts, shirts, knitwear and outwear.

More elegance can be added to their clothing style by appending accessories such as hats, ties, gloves, and scarves.

Every airline tries to connect by the glamour and appeal of the Air Hostess Dress with their particular airline’s attire.

Let’s take a walk through their wardrobes:

Indigo Airlines – Indigo air hostess dress code involves a Skirt, Half Sleeve Shirt (in any light color prf.), stockings, and black formal hills.

Singapore Airlines – Air Hostess working for Singapore Airlines wears patterned full-length shift dresses and they part their hair in a sleek updo.  

Etihad Airways – Flight attendants of this airline wear purple skirt suits with patterned blouses.

Ethiopian Airlines – Crew members of Ethiopian Airlines, wear green pantsuits and white shirts.

Spicejet Airlines – Spicejet air hostess dress involves short red shift dresses, box heels, and sling bags.

Conclusion: Now, after our short walk-through on this, your knowledge of the Air Hostess Uniform might help you in becoming a serious Air Hostess aspirant.

Top Recruiters (Air Hostess Job)

Many Airline companies are willing to hire good candidates for their national and international routes these days. Some of them are mentioned as under:

  • SpiceJet
  • IndiGo
  • Lufthansa
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Air India
  • Air Asia
  • Vistara
  • GoAir
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific


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