PPM Full Form

PPM Full Form

PPM Full Form :

Full Form of PPM : This is a type of measurement which is used to measure the quality performance by many customers that is meaning of PPM Full Form.

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There are two types of meaning or Full Form of PPM.

          PPM – Parts Per Million

          PPM – Project Portfolio Management

PPM Ka Full Form : PPM Full Form in Hindi is mentioned below.

           PPM – भाग प्रति दस लाख – ( Parts Per Million )           

  PPM – परियोजना पोर्टफोलियो प्रबंधन ( Project Portfolio Management )

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Sample Case:

Suppose a single machine produced 12000 pcs per hour in a shift and 9 pcs are getting rejected.

So, how we can calculate the percentage of rejection? PPM and PPM % is a technique using which we can calculate the rejection percentage.


Total Produced Quantity = 12000 Pcs                

Total Rejected Quantity = 9 Pcs


Rejection % is = Rejection Qty divided by Total produced Qty multiply by 100.

It means : PPM Rejection (%) Percentage = ( 9 / 12000 ) * 100

Or PPM Rejection  = ( 9 / 12000 ) * 10,00,000 (Million)

That is called PPM % and PPM  Calculation. 


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