DPO Full Form

DPO Full Form

DPO Full Form:  The Full Form of DPO is D – Data, P – Protection, O – Officer. The main role and responsibilities of a DPO are to protect the Personal Data of an individual or Company or Organisation according to the current organization/Company’s protocol or policy.

PR Full Form

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DPO Full Form in Hindi ( DPO Ka Full Form ) Or DPO Ka Full Form in Hindi ( DPO Ka Full Form ) –

D – Data            ->              डी – डेटा

P – Protection  – >              पी – संरक्षण

O – Officer       – >             ओ – अधिकारी

This is also DPO Officer Full Form.

More Popular Full Forms

There are other many full forms of DPO as mentioned below.

  • District Probation Officer (India)    – >       Category – >    Indian Government
  • Delhi Post Office                                – >       Category – >    Indian Government
  • District Planning Officer                  – >       Category – >    Indian Government
  • District Program Office                    – >       Category – >    Indian Government
  • Division of Production Operations (DOE) – > Category – > Public or Private Organisation
  • Divisional Police Officer                   – >       Category – >    Police
  • Divisional Purchase Order               – >       Category – >    Public or Private Organisation
  • Drug Pricing Organization              – >       Category – >     Medical
  • Date & Place of Birth                       – >       Category – >     Personal
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare – > Category – >  Healthcare

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DPO Full Form in Pregnancy: It means Early pregnancy symptoms by D- Days P-Past- O-Ovulation (DPO)

DPO Full Form in Railway: The meaning of DPO in Railway is Senior Divisional Personnel Officer (Sr. DPO) and Deputy Chief Personnel Officer.

DPO Full Form in Medical: In medical terms, DPO, usually happens about 15 days past ovulation (DPO) and Ovulation occurs when an ovary releases an egg.

The egg travels to the fallopian tube and awaits fertilization by a sperm.

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DPO Full Form in Education, (Full Form of DPO in Education Department) – The role and responsibility of a District Primary Education Officer (DPO), is to ensure the good quality of education for poor children.

Provide the opportunity to study in the best schools in the city.

After the four years of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, this came into force and the government will now ensure that these RTE forms reach the respective schools.

DPO Full Form in GDPR: If you are a public authority or body, or if you are doing certain types of processing activities.

The UK GDPR introduces a duty to appoint a DPO – data protection officer.

A DPO can be an existing Company’s employee or externally appointed.

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