What is MIRO in SAP – How to do Invoice Verification

Invoice Verification -MIRO in SAP MM

MIRO in SAP or Invoice verification is done using the Transaction Code MIRO. There are the following steps mentioned below.

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Step 1: Execute the Transaction Code MIRO to create Invoice verification and do the following steps as mentioned below.

  • Select Invoice as a Transaction type.
  • Input the Invoice date.
  • Input the Purchase Order Number.
  • Press ENTER Key button.

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Step 2: Go to the Payment tab and choose R – Invoice Verification for option pmnt Block.

Invoice Verification in SAP

Step 3: You should always check if the document has any problems by clicking on the Messages button.

And review the messages and fix the problems if there are any.

Step 4: We can simulate the Invoice by clicking on the Simulate button.

After that, you will get Simulation results on the screen.

Finally, Save it.