Data Maintaining in SAP Table Using SM30

How to Maintain Custom Table Data Using SM30

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Step 1: Go to SE11 and create a table as shown below.

Step 2: Choose Delivery class as “A” and set “Data Browser/Table View Maint.” as “Display/Maintenance Allowed”.

Step3: Give the description and create fields with their respective Data Elements and Domains as shown below.

NOTE: Now do make sure to activate the table before creating the “Table Maintenance Generator (TMG)” of the table.
Step 4: Now go to “Utilities ” and click on “Table Maintenance Generator” as shown below.

Step 5: Now give Authorization group as “&NC&” and give a Function group (create it in SE80 or simply type any name in Function group Box & Press Enter automatically it) and after that click on Create button.

Step 6: A pop-up will open asking for the package, click on the save button.

Step 7: After saving you will get a message of object creation as shown below.

Step 8: Now go to SM30 and enter the name of the table. Click on Maintain button.

Step 9: Click on “New entries” and create an entry for the table.

Step 10: As the screen comes to editable mode & now we can Create, Delete & Change entry and after that click on the save button.

Entry is being created for the table “ZEMPLOYEE”.