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Transaction variant is used to disable/Enable fields, Menu/Sub Menus functions, and Screens, to pass individual fields with default values, or to change the ready for input status of one or more fields without changing source code or enhancement. It is a very simple & easy way to hide unwanted screens and fields in any standard SAP Tcode.

Here, we will show step by step process to create a transaction variant for SAP standard Transaction CO01.

Step 1: Go to Transaction SHD0. Enter SAP Tcode in “Transaction Code” & type any name in “Transaction variant” as per the below screen. Then click on Create Button.

Step 2: We will hide the field “Order type” below the screen. Enter the values & Press “Enter”. A pop-up screen will appear.

Step 3: Enter screen variant name and description and make the field “Invisible” for “Order type” it will hide the field from the screen.

Step 4: Now, Click on the “Exit and Save” button to save the transaction variant and provide a transport request number or we can save it as local.

Step 5: For the test, Goto Tcode SHD0 again & type transaction variant name & press the F8 button on the initial screen.

Assigning Transaction Variant to Transaction Code

After creating this transaction variant, now we will assign it to a transaction code(Tcode). And it can be used by the user to get the required alteration of the original transaction.

Step 6: Go to Tcode SE93. Enter any name of the transaction code and click the button “Create”.

Step 6: Enter short text, select the fourth radio button, and press Enter.

Step 7: Enter Transaction text, Standard Tcode(CO01), and Transaction variant (Z_CO01) & check all three check boxes. Now, Click on the “Save” button.

Now Transaction variant is ready and it can be used to get an altered screen of the original (CO01) transaction code as per the below screen.


Here, we can see input Field “Order type” is not visible. This is the use of the SAP Transaction Variant.

Original Tcode’s Screen.