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SAP ABAP Interview Questions – Real Time

For this view we have created two tables: ZDBTABLE1 and ZEMPLOYEETABLE connected using the foreign key on field ‘ZEMPLOYEEID’.

Step 1: Enter the transaction code SE11.Select the VIEW Radio Button and enter the view name. Click on Create Button.











Step 2: A Popup will open to choose the type of view. This time we are creating a database view. So selected database view and click on the OK button.









Step 3: Enter a short description. In the Tables section, under the Table/Join Conditions tab Enter the tables you want to join. In Join Conditions enter the fields based on which you can combine two tables.













Step 4: Open the “View Flds” tab and click on the “Table Fields” button to select the fields you want to view from the tables you added under the “Tables” section.














Step 5: Select the table and click on the Choose button to open the field selection pop-up.

Step 6: Select the required fields from the table and click on the copy button.









Step 7: Repeat steps 5 – step 7 until all the tables are covered.

Step 8: In Maint. status tab under the Access section, the read-only radio button is by default checked. In Data Browser/Table View Maint. you can change the Display/Maintenance settings of a view.









Step 9: Click on Save Button . It will ask to enter the package by opening a new pop-up. Enter the existing package, if any, or create new one. After that select TR No. & Click on the OK button. And then click on Activate button  to activate the view.














Step 10: Once the view is activated, click on the Content button on the application bar.









Step 11: It will open the Data browser window. Click on execute to entire data in the view.