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Creating a Structure – SAP Data Dictionary Structure

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STEP 1: Execute T-code SE11. Enter the structure name in the field data type and click on create.












Step 2: A pop-up will open and select the “Structure” Radio button and press enter.








Step 3: Enter the short text in the short text field. On the components tab page, enter the name in the components column and specify the component’s attributes.  In the components type field, enter the types of the components by using data elements, structures, or table type. To enter the types and lengths directly, click on predefined types.

Step 4: On the currency/quantity fields, you must specify the reference field and reference table for all

 the components of type curr (currency) and Quan ( quantity ).








Step 5: Once all the desired components are defined, click on the Save button.

              You will be asked to assign a package.









Assign a Transport Request Number or Create new TR number






Step 6: Choose an enhancement category, go to Extra->Enhancement Category.







Select the appropriate option as required and click on “Copy”.








Step 7: Now click on check error and activate it.