ME11 – Create a Purchase Info Record

How to Create a Purchase Info Record in SAP using Tcode-ME11

SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

SAP MM – Material Management


Step 1. Enter Transaction Code ME11 in the command Bar. For creating the info record you need to Enter a combination of Vendor and Material in the first screen of Transaction Code and then enter purchasing organization and Plant.

And next, You have to choose an info category for desired procurement type and Press ENTER for the next screen.

Step 2. In the next screen, First, understand the meaning of each field and the purpose of these values which you are going to enter in input each field.

Reminder 1, 2, 3: These three fields indicate remainders to be issued to the vendor

Vendor mat. No: A material number that is used by the vendor for this material.

Vendor material group: material group used by the vendor for this material.

Salesperson: Name of the contact person.

Telephone: phone number of contact person or vendor

Return agreement: this can indicate if goods return is available and if there are refunds available.

Order unit: unit in which this material is ordered by the vendor.

Certificate category: type of certificate issued by the vendor that applies to this material.

Country of origin: country in which this material is produced.


Step 3. After entering all desired data, we will click on the button “Purch. Org. Data 1″ to be transferred to the screen for entering Purchase Organization dependent information.

Step 4. Now fill all the mandatory input fields in the next screen for Purchase Organization Data1.

Planned delivery time: Default time in days in which the material delivery is planned.

Purchasing group: Purchasing group is mentioned in material master lessons.

Standard quantity: Standard purchase quantity for the material.

Minimum quantity: Do not allow procurement of a quantity less than stated here.

Maximum quantity: We do not want to purchase more than this quantity at a time.

Net price: Net Price of material per procurement unit.

Incoterms: Trading and delivery terms.

Step 5. Now press Enter and Save document purchase info record is created.