How to Create Service Purchase Order in SAP MM

How to Create Service Purchase Order in SAP MM

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Step 1: Service Master: AC02 – >Maintain the Material SAC Code in Service Master as per requirement by using TCode AC02.

create Service Pucrchase Order using tcode AC02 and ME21N

Select Tax classification “O” if Service is taxable under GST. Service SAC code will be maintained in Control Code field.

Step 2: Create Purchase Order: ME21N – > Create Service Purchase Order with a document type of “ZSER VK- Service PO” & Service Vendor.

Step 3: Now, Click on the “Services” Tab.

Step 4: Fill in the Tax Code in the “Invoice” Tab.

Step 5: Click on the “Taxes” tab to maintain the Tax code to determine GST Tax components.

Step 6: Release Service PO: ME28 – > Fill the Release Code and Release Group using Tcode ME28 screen and then click on the execute button.

Step 7: Click on Release Icon as shown above screen to release the Service Purchase Order in SAP.