How to Create a Logo in SAP Smartform – Practical 3

How to Create a Logo in SAP Smartform 

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Step 1: Go to t-code “SMARTFORMS” enter the form name and click on Create.

Step 2: In Form Attributes, enter the description of the form.

Step 3: Double click on Page and change the name of the page. Now Right-click on the main window: Create -> Graphic.

Step 4: Double click on Graphics and change the name as shown below. In General, in Attributes, enter the name of the graphic you want to use (or use search help to choose from the repository).

In Technical Attribute, give the size of the logo.

Step 5: Now in form painter move the logo to the appropriate position on the page where ever you want to display it.

Step 6: Save and activate the Smartform.

Step 7: Enter the TR number & Click on the ok button.

Step 8: Click on Test button .

Step 9: Another screen will open and click on the Execute button.

Step 10: A new pop-up will display, give the OutputDevice name and click on the Print Preview button.