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SAP ABAP Enhancement Frameworks


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SAP enhancement option is a hook where we can add custom codes to fulfill the business requirement. It means, SAP provides the ways, where you can insert our codes without modifying the original SAP code.

There are two types of enhancement options:
1. Implicit Enhancement
2. Explicit Enhancement

IMPLICIT Enhancements:

In SAP source code, we can add our custom codes before and after includes, including function modules, reports, and methods. we can also add optional parameters to function modules.

we also have an option to insert additional attributes or methods, For global classes.

EXPLICIT Enhancements:

Further, EXPLICIT Enhancement has two types of options.
1. Enhancement Point:

2. Enhancement Section:

Enhancement Point: SAP has explicitly provided the places/points where we can add our custom codes to the standard source code and it will be executed along with the standard source code.

Enhancement sections: It is also provided by the SAP explicitly the places/Section where we can add our custom codes in standard source code and only custom code will be executed. in that case, standard code will not be executed only custom code will be executed, this is the only difference between Enhancement pints and Section.

BAdi: BAdi(Business Add-In) is the latest and very useful object-oriented enhancements technique that is used to enhance or add new functionality in the standard code.

SAP has provided many more Badi for each and every Standard TCode. First, we need to find out the specific BADI as per the business requirement and we can open it in SE18 Tcode. In this Tcode BADI definition will be available with many methods and next, we have to find a specific method for implementing it with our custom codes.