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Step 1: Go to transaction SE11, enter the name of the view and click on create button.












Step 2: A pop-up will open showing types of views select maintenance view.









Step 3: Enter the description in the field “short text”.














Enter the primary table of the view under the tables section in the tables/join conditions tab page. note: only those tables will be included which are linked with the primary table(indirectly) using a foreign key.

Step 4: If you want to include more tables. Position the cursor on the primary table and choose the “Relationships” Button. A pop-up will open in which all existing foreign key relations are shown. Select the foreign keys and choose the “Copy” button.

Note: You can insert tables that are linked with the help of a foreign keys to the secondary tables using the same steps as above. 















Step 5: On the view fields tab page, choose “Table fields”, a pop-up will open with all the tables included in the view. select any table and the fields of the table are shown in a new pop-up. Select the required fields in the first column and choose the “Copy” button.














Step 6: In the maintenance status tab page, define the maintenance status of the view.











Step 7: Click on savebutton. and Enter Package & TR Details below Screen.














Click on Save & OK buttons & activate the object by clicking on activate button.

Step 8: Now click on utilities(m)->table maintenance generator.







Step 9: Enter the authorization group &nc& and function group same name as your maintenance view name and enter the overview screen 100.














Now click on “Find scr. Number(s)”. Select the proposed screen number. Click on a generated object and then click on: Create”. Provide the package & save it. And then Select TR No. & Click on the OK button.

Step 10: Now go to transaction SM30 and enter the maintenance view name and maintain

entries here.