How to Create a Domain in SAP ABAP

Create a DOMAIN in SAP ABAP:

SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

SAP MM – Material Management


STEP 1: Execute T-code SE11. Enter the domain name in the input box starting with ‘Z’ or ‘Y’ & Click on Create button.


STEP 2: A screen will open, enter the description of the domain and enter the data types and give the size of the domain.


STEP 3: Now select the “Value Range” tab under which you can fill the domain with the properties like fixed values, Range of value it can use or a value table for reference of value that can be used by it.


Step 4: Now click on savebutton and click on activatebutton .

Step 5: Following message will be shown to you at the bottom of the screen after activate the screen.

You have successfully created the domain, now you can use it in Data Element for a table field.