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Customer Exits: It is used to enhance the specific program, screen, and menu of SAP standard application. Actually, Customer exits are a type of hook method where ABAP developers add custom changes or business additional functionalities.

Customer exits are nothing but an including program provided by SAP in form of a function module whose name starts with “CALL CUSTOMER” and we can fill it with custom code. This is also a type of enhancement.

There are three types of Customer Exits in SAP.
1. Function Module exits
2. Screen exits
3. Menu exits

1. Function Module exits
Function module exit is a type of enhancement technique and using it we can add custom changes to include the program and that functionality. It will work with SAP standard business functionalities and it is provided by SAP. We cannot write the custom code directly in the function module but the function module has an included program where we can easily implement our business needs.

2. Screen Exits: Mainly this Exit is used to add fields to a screen via a sub screen in an SAP program. This sub-screen is called within the standard screen’s flow logic.

3. Menu exits: This Exit is only used to add our own sub-menu with SAP standard menu for any standard Tcode and that submenu can contain entire business logic. ABAP developers can add their own text and logic for the submenu. Function codes for Menu Exit always start with a plus sign (“+”).