Create Material Master in SAP – MM01

Create Material Master in SAP – Tcode: MM01


SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

SAP MM – Material Management

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Step-1 This Tcode(MM01) is used to create a material master record in SAP MM. After the execution of this transaction brings us to the initial screen of MM01, where we need to provide below mentioned basic two information for the material.

1. Enter Industry sector (M-Mechanical Engineering)

2. Enter Material type(ROH).

Step-2: Click on ‘Select View’ to choose which view we need to create for the material.
Select the below-mentioned items and Press Enter.

Basic Data 1
Basic data 2
Purchasing view
Accounting view
General Plant Data / Storage 1
General Plant Data / Storage 2
Accounting 1
Accounting 2

Step-3: In the next screen, Enter Organizational levels for the views which we have selected in the previous step. For example, those could be Plant, Storage Location, Sales Organization, and Distribution Channel, etc, and press Enter button.

Step-4: In the next screen fill all mandatory fields of Basic data 1, and Basic data 2 views and press enter.

Step -5: In purchasing view update Purchasing Group, Material Group, etc fields and press Enter.

Step-5: Now we have to fill all views one by one which we have selected in the previous step and save the material.

Now Material number 146 is created successfully.