SAP BAPI – Billing Document Creation using BAPI

How to Use SAP BAPI in SAP ABAP Program. Billing Document Creation using BAPI.

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This BAPI is used to create Billing document number from a Delivery number using excel file, Date can be created single as well as multiple records at a time. In this program we are using BAPI – BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE

Step 1: Go to Tcode SE38 to create a program first. Type program name & click on create button as per below screen.

Step 2: Now Create includes programs & subroutines to segregate the code as per below screen.

REPORT yrvr201_billing_doc_creation.

INCLUDE yrvr201_billdoc_creation_top.
INCLUDE yrvr201_billdoc_creation_f01.


  PERFORM get_data.
  PERFORM bapi_process.
  PERFORM bapi_logs.

Step 3: Double click on first include & type below-mentioned code.

*&  Include           YRVR201_BILLDOC_CREATION_TOP

TABLES: likp, lips, vbrk.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_likp,
         vbeln TYPE vbeln,
         vkorg TYPE vkorg,
         vbtyp TYPE vbtyp,
         kunag TYPE kunag,
         fkarv TYPE fkarv,
         fkdat TYPE fkdat,
       END OF ty_likp.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_lips,
         vbeln TYPE vbeln,
         posnr TYPE posnr,
         matnr TYPE matnr,
         werks TYPE werks,
         pstyv TYPE pstyv,
         vtweg TYPE vtweg,
         spart TYPE spart,
       END OF ty_lips.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_upload,
         vbeln TYPE vbeln,
*  vkorg TYPE vkorg,
         fkarv TYPE fkarv,
         fkdat TYPE fkdat,
       END OF ty_upload.

DATA: gt_likp   TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_likp,
      gs_likp   TYPE ty_likp,
      gt_lips   TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_lips,
      gs_lips   TYPE ty_lips,
      gt_upload TYPE TABLE OF ty_upload,
      gs_upload TYPE ty_upload,
      gt_upload_tmp TYPE TABLE OF ty_upload,
      gs_upload_tmp TYPE ty_upload.

DATA: gt_billing TYPE TABLE OF bapivbrk,
      gs_billing TYPE bapivbrk,
      gt_return  TYPE TABLE OF bapiret1,
      gs_return  TYPE bapiret1,
      gt_success TYPE TABLE OF bapivbrksuccess,
      gs_success TYPE bapivbrksuccess.

DATA: gt_file_table TYPE filetable,
      gs_file_table TYPE file_table,
      lv_rc         TYPE i.


PARAMETERS: p_file TYPE rlgrap-filename OBLIGATORY.

*SELECT-OPTIONS: so_vbeln FOR likp-vbeln OBLIGATORY,
*                so_fkarv FOR likp-fkarv OBLIGATORY NO INTERVALS No-EXTENSION,
*                so_fkdat FOR likp-fkdat OBLIGATORY NO INTERVALS No-EXTENSION.


  CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_open_dialog
      window_title            = ‘Please select File to be uploaded’
      file_table              = gt_file_table
      rc                      = lv_rc
      file_open_dialog_failed = 1
      cntl_error              = 2
      error_no_gui            = 3
      not_supported_by_gui    = 4.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE ‘Error occured while selecting file’ TYPE ‘E’.
    READ TABLE gt_file_table INTO gs_file_table INDEX 1.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
      p_file = gs_file_table-filename.
*    ELSE.
*      MESSAGE ‘ Could not select file’ TYPE ‘E’.

Step 4: Now Double click on second include program & type the entire code as mentioned below.

*&  Include           YRVR201_BILLDOC_CREATION_F01
*&      Form  GET_DATA

FORM get_data .

  DATA : lv_field_seperator TYPE char01 VALUE ‘X’,
         lv_line_header     TYPE char01 VALUE ‘X’,
         lt_tab_raw_data    TYPE truxs_t_text_data.

        i_field_seperator    = lv_field_seperator
        i_line_header        = lv_line_header
        i_tab_raw_data       = lt_tab_raw_data
        i_filename           = p_file
        i_tab_converted_data = gt_upload
        conversion_failed    = 1.
    IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      MESSAGE ‘Error fetching data from Excel File’ TYPE ‘I’.

  IF gt_upload[] IS NOT INITIAL.

    LOOP AT gt_upload INTO gs_upload.
          input  = gs_upload-vbeln
          output = gs_upload-vbeln.
      MODIFY gt_upload FROM gs_upload TRANSPORTING vbeln.
      CLEAR gs_upload.         .

    SORT gt_upload BY vbeln ASCENDING fkarv DESCENDING.
    SELECT vbeln vkorg vbtyp kunag fkarv fkdat FROM likp INTO TABLE gt_likp FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_upload WHERE vbeln = gt_upload-vbeln.
    IF gt_likp[] IS NOT INITIAL.
      SORT gt_likp BY vbeln.
      SELECT vbeln posnr pstyv matnr werks vtweg spart FROM lips INTO TABLE gt_lips FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_likp WHERE vbeln = gt_likp-vbeln.

*&      Form  BAPI_PROCESS
*       text
*  –>  p1        text
*  <–  p2        text
FORM bapi_process .

  LOOP AT gt_upload INTO gs_upload.
    READ TABLE gt_lips INTO gs_lips WITH KEY vbeln = gs_upload-vbeln.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      gs_billing-ref_item = gs_lips-posnr.
      gs_billing-itm_number = gs_lips-posnr.
*    gs_billing-price_date = sy-datum.
      gs_billing-material = gs_lips-matnr.
      gs_billing-plant = gs_lips-werks.
      gs_billing-distr_chan = gs_lips-vtweg.
      gs_billing-division = gs_lips-spart.
      gs_billing-item_categ = gs_lips-pstyv.

    READ TABLE gt_likp INTO gs_likp WITH KEY vbeln = gs_lips-vbeln.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      gs_billing-ref_doc_ca = gs_likp-vbtyp.
      gs_billing-ref_doc = gs_likp-vbeln.
      gs_billing-salesorg = gs_likp-vkorg.
      gs_billing-doc_number = gs_likp-vbeln.
      gs_billing-sold_to = gs_likp-kunag.
*      gs_billing-ordbilltyp = gs_likp-fkarv.
      gs_billing-bill_date = gs_likp-fkdat.

    gs_billing-ordbilltyp = gs_upload-fkarv.

    APPEND gs_billing TO gt_billing.

  REFRESH: gt_return, gt_success.
  SORT gt_billing BY ref_doc ASCENDING ordbilltyp DESCENDING.
      billingdatain = gt_billing
      return        = gt_return
      success       = gt_success.

      wait = ‘X’.


  REFRESH: gt_billing.” gt_return, gt_success.
*&      Form  BAPI_LOGS
*       text
*  –>  p1        text
*  <–  p2        text
FORM bapi_logs .

  TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_output,
           vbeln    TYPE vbeln,
           vbelv    TYPE vbelv,
           fkarv    TYPE fkarv,
           bill_doc TYPE vbeln,
         END OF ty_output.

  TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_vbfa,
           vbelv   TYPE vbelv,
           vbeln   TYPE vbeln,
           vbtyp_v TYPE vbtyp_v,
         END OF ty_vbfa.

  TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_vbrk,
           vbeln TYPE vbeln,
           fkart TYPE fkart,
         END OF ty_vbrk.

  DATA: lt_fcat     TYPE TABLE OF slis_fieldcat_alv,
        ls_fcat     TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv,
        lt_output   TYPE TABLE OF ty_output,
        ls_output   TYPE ty_output,
        lt_vbfa     TYPE TABLE OF ty_vbfa,
        ls_vbfa     TYPE ty_vbfa,
        lt_vbfa_tmp TYPE TABLE OF ty_vbfa,
        ls_vbfa_tmp TYPE ty_vbfa,
        ls_vbfa_chk TYPE vbfa,
        lt_vbrk     TYPE TABLE OF ty_vbrk,
        ls_vbrk     TYPE ty_vbrk.

  IF gt_upload IS NOT INITIAL.
    SELECT vbelv vbeln vbtyp_v FROM vbfa INTO TABLE lt_vbfa FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_upload
      WHERE vbeln = gt_upload-vbeln AND vbtyp_v = ‘C’.

    IF lt_vbfa IS NOT INITIAL.
      CLEAR gs_upload.

      gt_upload_tmp = gt_upload.
      SORT gt_upload_tmp BY vbeln.
      IF gt_upload_tmp IS NOT INITIAL.
        SELECT vbelv vbeln INTO TABLE lt_vbfa_tmp FROM vbfa FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_upload_tmp
         WHERE vbelv = gt_upload_tmp-vbeln AND vbtyp_n = ‘M’.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          SELECT vbeln fkart INTO TABLE lt_vbrk FROM vbrk FOR ALL ENTRIES IN lt_vbfa_tmp WHERE vbeln = lt_vbfa_tmp-vbeln.

      LOOP AT lt_vbrk INTO ls_vbrk.
        ls_output-bill_doc = ls_vbrk-vbeln.
        ls_output-fkarv = ls_vbrk-fkart.
*        READ TABLE gt_success INTO gs_success WITH KEY bill_doc = ls_vbrk-vbeln.
*        IF sy-subrc = 0.
*          ls_output-vbeln = gs_success-ref_doc.
*        ENDIF.
        SELECT SINGLE * FROM vbfa INTO ls_vbfa_chk WHERE vbeln = ls_vbrk-vbeln AND VBTYP_V = ‘J’.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          ls_output-vbeln = ls_vbfa_chk-vbelv.
        READ TABLE lt_vbfa INTO ls_vbfa WITH KEY vbeln = ls_vbfa_chk-vbelv.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          ls_output-vbelv = ls_vbfa-vbelv.
        APPEND ls_output TO lt_output.
        CLEAR: ls_output, ls_vbfa, gs_upload, gs_success, ls_vbrk.


  CLEAR ls_fcat.
  ls_fcat-fieldname = ‘VBELN’.
  ls_fcat-seltext_m = ‘Delivery’.
  APPEND ls_fcat TO lt_fcat.
  CLEAR ls_fcat.

  CLEAR ls_fcat.
  ls_fcat-fieldname = ‘VBELV’.
  ls_fcat-seltext_m = ‘Sales Order’.
  APPEND ls_fcat TO lt_fcat.
  CLEAR ls_fcat.

  CLEAR ls_fcat.
  ls_fcat-fieldname = ‘FKARV’.
  ls_fcat-seltext_m = ‘Billing Type’.
  APPEND ls_fcat TO lt_fcat.
  CLEAR ls_fcat.

  CLEAR ls_fcat.
  ls_fcat-fieldname = ‘BILL_DOC’.
  ls_fcat-seltext_m = ‘Billing No.’.
  APPEND ls_fcat TO lt_fcat.
  CLEAR ls_fcat.

      i_callback_program = sy-repid
*     i_structure_name   = ls_output
      it_fieldcat        = lt_fcat
      i_save             = ‘X’
      t_outtab           = lt_output
*     PROGRAM_ERROR      = 1
*     OTHERS             = 2
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
* Implement suitable error handling here


Step 5: Press F8 to execute the program and upload excel file which must have delivery numbers & check the output.

Step 6: Now Select excel file from system.

Step 7: Again press F8 to finally execute the program to run BAPI & it will automatically create billing document numbers from excel file.